Fireside Aces Radio FAQ –


  1. What is Fireside Aces Radio?


Fireside Aces Radio is a digital streaming radio station produced by Student Media, a student organization at the University of Evansville. It provides experiential learning opportunities in broadcasting and offers various monetization avenues such as advertising, partnerships, and sponsorships with local businesses.


  1. How do I listen to Fireside Aces Radio?


Listeners can tune in to Fireside.evansville.edu or activate the Fireside Aces Radio skill on Alexa. Future plans include app development. Please note that some lyrics may be explicit and intended for listeners 18 years and older.


  1. When did Fireside Aces Radio officially launch and what are the plans for each semester/summer?


Fireside Aces Radio launched in February 2024. Programming will continue over the summer with syndicated shows, and future semesters will introduce new content, including podcasts and live broadcasts.


  1. What types of content will be available on the platform?


Content includes podcasts, sportscasting, news, music shows, and live broadcasts. Student suggestions are welcome, and Fireside Aces Radio aims to address local news needs within the University of Evansville community.


  1. Are there opportunities for partnerships or sponsorships?


Yes, opportunities exist for advertising sales, sponsorships agreements, and partnerships. Radio stations utilize data analytics to personalize playlists and enhance the listening experience by understanding listener preferences and music trends. Any such advertising, sales sponsorship agreements, partnerships, and/or other similar arrangements may only be initiated after consultation with and approval by the Office of University Advancement. 


  1. Are there opportunities for collaboration with student organizations, departments, or campus events?


Student Media encourages collaboration to produce engaging media content and foster communication and creativity within the university community across various departments, and organizations.


  1. What guardrails are in place to ensure freedom of speech while maintaining a safe environment on air?


Students must adhere to the Student Media constitution, which emphasizes journalistic integrity and accountability.